Driving with Modernity

The technology of this generation is, at times, unsettling. Apple culture. Tablets. Apps. It’s all kind of weird, but completely commonplace. We’ve fully accepted these things as not only normal (this, of course, is the natural progression) but constantly desired. We want these things to encompass every aspect of our lives. Our technology doesn’t have aContinue reading “Driving with Modernity”

Review of “Persefone,” directed by Grazia Tricarico

If you never thought the words “necrophilia” and “gorgeous” could be in the same sentence, you haven’t seen “Persefone” yet. An official selection of the 26th annual New Orleans Film Festival, I had the honor of attending the screening a few weeks ago with the director, (e mia amica nuova), Grazia Tricarico. Although only about fifteen minutesContinue reading “Review of “Persefone,” directed by Grazia Tricarico”

The Day the Eastern Seaboard Went to Sleep

The night the lights went out you took the Bic from my pocket and lit a Marlboro candle *** Our tobacco stained kitchen didn’t mind the loss of the fridge and the ice machine *** Didn’t interrupt our voices, because all that was left were my words waiting for yours *** We found that oldContinue reading “The Day the Eastern Seaboard Went to Sleep”