A little behind “a word I haven’t found yet”

As a writer,

I am always searching for the next word or phrase that perfectly and accurately describes how I feel or what I’m trying to say. Unfortunately, sometimes that word can’t be found in English, or Swahili, or Mandarin, but I’ll discover a phrase a year later in some language that only three people left on Earth speak that sums up “what I was going for.” This can be, at times, frustrating. The beauty is in the search I suppose, or the challenge rather.

My point is, we don’t always have the words, we can’t constantly string a sentence together that packages up our feelings and sends them off… that’s not realistic-and that’s why I write- to find the word I haven’t found yet. This blog is an experiment about exploration, creation, and whatever else happens.

2 thoughts on “A little behind “a word I haven’t found yet”

  1. Words are so powerful. …finding the right ones is somewhat impossible at times….looking forward to your stories and your finding words that bring your feelings and thoughts alive to the heart and soul of your readers. I will never find a word to define my love and gratefulness for you xo


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