The Earth Shook Light

Onna, Italy, 2009.

While roaming around all alone, I found myself jolted from the ground beneath me, vibrating through the air violently. On the way back down though, in the most unearthly of ways, the earth around me lit up. Giant, vibrant orbs of every shade of every color I’ve ever encountered in this life flew around me. It wasn’t just the illumination that was so striking-it was the perfect union the light made with the sky, sounds, and earth. I had read about it once, the earthquake lights I mean, and it all seemed rather rational. But, when you see it for yourself, no science can tell you what you saw wasn’t magic.

Some people think it’s aliens. That’s what the articles and the research say, they say people think it’s aliens or UFO’s or something, but I know what it really is. It’s the Earth doing something it was always made to do, but we were always too blind to ever really succumb to the wonder.

I realized that day that us humans aren’t in touch with our universe anymore. We created our own that doesn’t coincide with the one around us, and we won’t be able to survive much longer-authentically at least. I want to get back to the basics of what it means to be human, and that means accepting that we are animals. I am an animal. I cannot stress that enough. I am an animal and so are you. I don’t think we think about that enough, how we are animals I mean. We are supposed to be players on the stage that is nature but we too often believe we are the directors and stage managers when we’re the farthest thing from it. We need to remember we are not in control.

We have to not only remember who we are, but what we are.

If you don’t believe me, you will one day. Everyone will have their moment where they see the lights during an earthquake, it just won’t always be an earthquake. It might be the sole flower in a cracked, orange desert. It might be during a staring contest with your family dog. It might even be you looking at yourself in the mirror-I don’t know and neither do you. But, the raw beauty is in the mystery, and after all, everything that’s ever happened is just that.




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