Things I’ve been meaning to tell you:

  1. Paul and I got high on my stoop the other night and he told me this story about when he used to fly in helicopters with no doors on them. He said he stuck out as much of his body as he could when they flew threw a cloud. He said, “The cloud washed…cleansed, and moisturized me all at the same time.” I think that’s the answer to our question of why he’s always looking up at the sky.
  2. I haven’t thrown out your toothbrush yet. Not because I see it as “a symbol of our time together” or intend to use it or anything; I think I just like the way the colors on yours look good next to the colors on mine.
  3. I think about if you think about me
  4. ^And really wish I didn’t
  5. The other day I had this thought about how squirrels must view the world around them. Do you think some trees are more aesthetically pleasing to them than others? Like are one of the trees in the park the Taj Mahal of trees that make all the other trees look like a Super 8 motel?
  6. I realized I only like watching certain shows with you. I started watching them alone, but I kept turning to my left too much.
  7. You’ll never believe what Lena told me about Kreuler.
  8. Well, wait wait wait I should probably tell you about what we did last Saturday first.
  9. We went paint balling and Lena said she caught Kreuler making out with some chick behind the second set of tires near the middle of the arena. Remember when I was some chick who you made out with behind the second set of tires near the middle of the arena?
  10. I like myself a lot more since knowing you.
  11. I think about that one joke you made up and try and create similar ones because, maybe, one day I’ll share one with you and you’ll laugh just as hard as I did.
  12. I don’t think I got around to telling you (because I was probably scared) how smart and beautiful you made me feel. Thanks for that. You’ll always be the one that gave me that gift.
  13. I wonder if I made you feel smart and handsome. Did I?
  14. How’s basketball season going? I’ve been meaning to ask if you won your game last week.
  15. My room is still a mess. Are you surprised?
  16. I used your orange scented dandruff shampoo and I’m totally hooked.
  17. I’m not going to tell you any of this. I mean, I will…but I’ll probably hide behind fiction to do it.

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