I have found that dangerous thing that I’ve had a shard of embedded in me since birth-and now, knowing where the pieces are, I have to return it. I will coax it out of me half Medusa half snake charmer, and right when it reaches the surface…empty it out to the light hard, fast, and certain.

Sometimes I not only lose my place in the world, but I lose my place in my world. And then something happens-and whatever it is, I remember I’m not half bad after all. These moments take off like birds from a branch-fast and seem weightless. I almost forget them. I almost don’t.

My right hand man tells me in Italy When we get back to New York-I should be his left hand girl and just take it easy I’m slowly learning to do what feels good And it feels good to roam around like this With you all the countries we seek are home In these months …

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