From the backseat My mother tells me when she picks me up from the train station that I’m supposed to fall in love at 27 she tells me this because a psychic tells her this when she’s trying to find someone who can hear her brother from the other side   My father kicks me …

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I have found that dangerous thing that I’ve had a shard of embedded in me since birth-and now, knowing where the pieces are, I have to return it. I will coax it out of me half Medusa half snake charmer, and right when it reaches the surface…empty it out to the light hard, fast, and certain.

Sometimes I not only lose my place in the world, but I lose my place in my world. And then something happens-and whatever it is, I remember I’m not half bad after all. These moments take off like birds from a branch-fast and seem weightless. I almost forget them. I almost don’t.