When You Let Your Bodies Talk

One balmy Sunday morning sometime in September, I opened my eyes to him. It was then I came to understand the wordless conversation. We talked so many, many times before-but none of that seemed to compute anymore-it was just filler anyway. Our conversations really live in the soft rustle of the sheets while our limbsContinue reading “When You Let Your Bodies Talk”

Lemons and Milk

One Sunday morning, dressed in the clothes my mother picked out for me, I squirmed my way into a booth at Friendly’s for family breakfast. The waiter asked what we would like to drink and my parents responded in unison, “coffee.” Now, I knew I couldn’t order coffee, but I could order something similar-something¬†like coffee.Continue reading “Lemons and Milk”

Driving with Modernity

The technology of this generation is, at times, unsettling. Apple culture. Tablets. Apps. It’s all kind of weird, but completely commonplace. We’ve¬†fully accepted these things as not only normal (this, of course, is the natural progression) but constantly desired. We want these things to encompass every aspect of our lives. Our technology doesn’t have aContinue reading “Driving with Modernity”